Company Overview

SEOToolSet® is a product offered by Bruce Clay™, Inc., a different kind of SEO company. At this site, instead of optimizing your website we teach you how to practice search engine optimization yourself, giving you the SEO tools and training that you need to obtain qualified search engine traffic to your website or your client's websites. Instead of competing with other SEO firms by any means necessary, we provide SEOToolSet® Certification for SEO consultants and companies in order to promote the ethical practices inside the SEO industry for the good of search engines and website owners alike.

Created by Bruce Clay, a recognized industry leader, this SEOToolSet® site provides world class search engine optimization tools, training and certification. Our innovative, time-tested tools and methodologies have been helping clients of Bruce Clay, Inc. ethically achieve high rankings for years. At the core of the SEOToolSet® methodology is a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the integrity and honesty of our work. Using our experience and technology, we have developed an in-depth SEO training course that brings to light the inner workings of SEO and a certification program that measures your SEO knowledge and your commitment to ethical practices fairly and accurately.

Our philosophy is to view our customers as partners to ensure the continued success of our SEO training, tools and certification in every implementation. Our strategy as a search engine optimization company is to help you focus on obtaining the search engine rankings you desire in a safe and ethical manner. We believe that the search engine marketing and optimization industry is learning, growing and maturing. SEOToolSet® is committed to helping SEO consultants, companies and individuals obtain qualified search engine traffic today and tomorrow.

If you have any questions about SEOToolSet® or our methodology, please feel free to contact us at anytime.