Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool

The Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool provides keyword statistics that assist with search engine marketing decisions. This tool measures a keyword's popularity by showing daily approximations of how often each keyword is searched in the major search engines, derived from monthly statistics. It's best to consider these numbers as proportionate, rather than exact; for example, a keyword with 10,000 total queries will be roughly twice as popular as a keyword with 5,000 searches. Click-through and cost-per-click rates are given to help determine the competitiveness of each keyword. Internet marketers can roll over each keyword to see its search demographics and learn more about a keyword's target audience. Each keyword's top three search engine categories are also viewable.

Enter up to 12 keyword phrases at a time, one per line or separated by commas, and click Run KSP. Search counts and other statistics are displayed in a table below.

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SEOToolSet® Keyword Statistics
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