SEOToolSet® Mission Statement

Bruce Clay once proclaimed, "It's not the job of an SEO to make pigs fly. It's the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the website so that it becomes an eagle." SEO isn't deceptive or magical. SEO improves a website's content, structure and usability so users and search engines can navigate it with ease and precision. The SEOToolSet® is a means by which SEOs can make meaningful improvements.

The purpose of the SEOToolSet® is to enable search engine optimization as a vital part of website development, marketing and promotion. Search engines have become an integral part of how people navigate the Web. While there are other streams traffic coming to your website, including ads, e-mail campaigns, social networks and offline channels, having your website rank for relevant keywords in free organic search engine listings is arguably the most cost efficient means. Furthermore, SEO objectives invest in the brand's own property, unlike ads and other marketing efforts which occur on third-party properties.

Our mission is to provide everyone with the tools and the training needed to properly optimize their website to increase the value and relevancy of the site to its users and search engines.

Our Philosophy on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We believe that SEO is about helping a website be as relevant to customers as possible, which is reflected by the site's rankings for appropriate keywords in search engines. We are strongly anti-spam and believe that there should not be any discrepancy between what a person sees and what the search engine spider sees.

Any approach to attain rankings that aims to beat the engine via manipulation or deception will eventually be identified as spam by the search engine. Spam will eventually be overlooked by search engines, or worse, penalized with low rankings or eliminated from search results. There are no shortcuts to long-lasting top rankings. We follow the SEOToolSet® Code of Ethics and work to improve the search engine experience by making relevant content spiderable and easy to categorize.

Learn more about Bruce Clay, Inc. and visit us sometime. We hold SEO seminars year-round at our training facility in Simi Valley, California.