SEO Cloaking Checker

The SEO Cloaking Checker detects whether a Web site uses "cloaking," a server technique that some sites utilize to try to fool the search engines into awarding rankings the Web pages do not deserve. Cloaking involves showing one version of a Web page to users and a different version, usually stuffed with other keywords, to the search engine spiders. This is a stealth method that Google and the other search engines consider deceptive, since it attempts to bias the spiders into ranking the Web page undeservedly higher or for a different keyword term. We strongly discourage using this type of technique since it is spam, and if detected, could cause your Web site to be penalized in the search engine results.

Enter your URL or the URL of a competitor's Web page in order to see whether cloaking is being employed, either intentionally or unintentionally.

SEOToolSet® Page Cloaking Report
URL Google Yahoo Search Bing Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Google Chrome

= No cloaking found, = Cloaking found. You may need to check the site for the specific user-agent.