Free Player to Embed Video, Audio and More

Dynamic media can make any page pop. Web users are drawn to images and video, audio and social blogs - any content that attracts a gaze and stimulates the senses. Studies have shown that Internet users are more likely to take a desired action, whether buying a product or learning more about a service, when engaging media is present on a page. Embedded engagement objects can entertain, convince, create trust and go viral.

The JohnnyButtons™ free player makes it simple to embed video, audio and other compelling content on your Web pages. A free tool created by SEO leader Bruce Clay, Inc., it's designed to be a win-win for both your search engine optimization AND your site visitors. When the Web page opens, the design starts out in a collapsed view that doesn't obstruct your site content and features, but is still embedded within the page. Embedding your video and audio files makes them fully available for search engine indexing — a must for SEO! JohnnyButtons™ also has a color-configurable format to match the look and feel of your website. It's an interactive rich-media player that's easy to use by webmasters and users alike.

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