Search Engine Ranking Monitor

Run Ranking Monitor - This program will use API services (no scrapers) to query the major search engines for your project keywords and produce reports concerning the non-personalized ranking of various pages from your site. Specify your site URL and this tool will extract the unfiltered, unbiased, and essentially raw rankings from the search engines for your project keywords. The output from this tool may be repeatedly analyzed in the Ranking Reports.

The process involves performing singular keyword/ keyword phrase searches through a search engine API and then finding where your site and competitor sites ranks. This process is repeated for as many keyword/ keyword phrases as you are keeping track of. This is compounded by the number of search engines you are keeping track of (although we currently monitor Google, Yahoo and Bing by default). If you think that this is a daunting task, you are right. This is where automated tools are very, very handy. One of the search engine optimization tools we use here at Bruce Clay, Inc. is the Search Engine Ranking Monitor. Once on demand and twice monthly on a schedule this tool goes out and repeats this iterative process for all of your keyword/ keyword phrases.

Our tool automatically pulls your assigned keywords from the SEOToolSet® and runs until completion. While there are many other very useful SEO software tools out there, our Search Engine Ranking Monitor makes this task just that much easier on you. By incorporating this tool with many of the other SEO tools available on our SEOToolSet®, you are able to click on the Run Monitor button at any time after your initial set-up and simply walk away. The monitor will run through all of your assigned keywords until it is done.

How long will it take - how fast is our monitor? Depending upon the number of keywords our monitor commonly processes in excess of 300 keywords per minute. The more keywords you have, the faster our monitor will run. Have 100 keywords? Under 30 seconds is almost real-time!

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