Analyze Your Page Construction

Single Page Analyzer - View a thorough analysis of your Web pages. This report:

  • Shows frequency, density, and where-used information for single word and multi-word phrases.
  • List the top keywords used in your content plus
  • Identify where on the page these words are used.
  • Presents the density for each word in the various categories:
    • META Title
    • META Description
    • META Keywords
    • ALT attributes
    • Headings
    • Two categories for Body copy

Following our methodology you would review these reports and Web pages to see what you need to change, remove or add to your pages.

Multi Page Analyzer - Analyze several top-ranked Web pages for their keyword usage and optimization. This tool forms a profile of those pages - a footprint of what the search engines are rewarding. It accepts the top-ranked site list from the Research Report and analyzes those pages. Test the tools yourself - with our 30-day cancellation at full refund policy and low price, you cannot go wrong.

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