Server Header Check Report

When search engine spiders come to your Web site, you want to make sure they can crawl around easily to index the maximum number of pages possible. The Server Header Check Report lets you quickly verify the spiderability of your site. It reads the server's response headers and detects any potential roadblocks. The report identifies redirects if they exist, and many types of server issues that could cause problems for search engine spiders. It also displays the server status and other details for your reference. It's good to know what's under your server's hood, since a clean server provides the best possible environment for search engine indexing as well as for your users.

Enter the URL of a Web page whose server you want to check. If the tool detects any problems, it reports the applicable server error codes and descriptions along with other information, so that you can resolve them. This information is helpful since the engines may reduce a Web site's rankings if Web server errors are encountered.

SEOToolSet® Server Header Check Report
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